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The Diamond

University of Sheffield, UK

Capacity: 1664 Seats

Lauded by many as the jewel of the University of Sheffield campus, the £81 million Diamond Building represents the University’s single largest-ever investment in teaching and learning.

The new home for the Faculty of Engineering at the University, the aim was to create a truly unique and inspiring educational facility, the perfect platform for modern interdisciplinary teaching.

The Diamond is certainly a striking and stimulating sight with its distinctive and eye catching aluminium diamond shaped façade exterior, wholly constructed from recycled galvanised steel sheets and glass. But this stunning new building isn’t just spectacular on the outside – we are playing a major role in helping Diamond shine on the inside, too.

As one of the industry’s leading name in seating solutions, we were contracted to design, manufacture and install raised tier floors and a total of 1,660 x LT6 seats across nine lecture theatres.

In the largest of the nine lecture theatres, tiering with a rise per row of 491mm had to be specially designed to span over ducting and also had to accommodate different concrete levels within the space. Four lecture theatres each with a capacity of 158 featured curved tiering and a rise row of 150mm, while two identical lecture theatres also had curved tiering but a rise per row of 125mm. The remaining two theatres incorporated faceted tiering with a rise row of 115mm and were able to accommodate a capacity of 80 each.

Calling upon 19 different colours from the Main Line Flax range of fabric from Camira Fabrics, the seating was designed in close conjunction with the University and, as such, had to comply with its high standards and specifications.

A ‘Smart’ building, with its advanced energy management control and features such as rainwater harvesting, Diamond can now lay claim to have the very smartest seating solutions, too.

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