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Lecture Hall Fixed Seating brings together the notions of practicality, education and charm to your centre for learning. Our permanent tiered structures can be fitted with a large range of seating designs to suit the environment or audience you’re working with while offering a great view of a screen or principal speaker.

Firstly, your choice of seating can be between chairs or benches as well as our adaptive, collaborative bench seating for group focused work. Beyond this, you’ll find an endless supply of possibilities for colour, design and materials.

If you are struggling to identify the correct seating for your space, then use our brand new Seat Finder to filter your options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Fixed Seating (FS)?

The benefits of fixed theatre seating include consistent seating arrangements, enhanced sightlines, improved audience flow, and a more polished and professional appearance. FS also allows for better space optimisation and ease of maintenance.

What materials are used for FS?

Materials commonly used in fixed theatre seating include high-quality fabrics, durable upholstery materials, steel or aluminium frames, and high-density foam cushioning for comfort and longevity.

What are the different styles of FS?

Different styles of fixed theatre seating include traditional upholstered seats, premium VIP seats with added features like cup holders and USB ports, and specialized seating options for specific requirements such as ADA-compliant seating.

How is FS installed?

FS is installed by professionals using industry-standard installation techniques. It involves securely anchoring the seats to the floor or risers to ensure stability and safety.

What factors should be considered when choosing FS for a venue?

Factors to consider include space dimensions, audience capacity, desired level of comfort, aesthetics, durability, ease of maintenance, and compliance with building codes and regulations.