Loose Seating

Explore our extensive range of loose seating options designed to meet diverse needs. Our FD200 and FD200CS models feature a floor bar system, ensuring a secure set up, along with separate trolleys for efficient stacking and storage. These products offer versatility and convenience for various settings.

An alternative product is our the STAX HDS, a high-density stacking chair perfect for public buildings. Crafted for comfort, durability, and ease of handling, the STAX HDS is an ideal choice for conferences, schools, universities, dining areas, common rooms, and offices. Its innovative design allows for efficient stacking, making it a space-saving solution without compromising on quality.

Discover the perfect seating solution that combines functionality and style for your space. Whether you’re looking for stability, easy storage, or high-density stacking capabilities, our range of products has you covered. Upgrade your seating experience with our reliable and versatile options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loose Seating (LS) and how is it different from fixed seating?

LS refers to individual seats that are not fixed to the floor or connected to adjacent seats, offering flexibility and the ability to rearrange the seating configuration. It differs from fixed seating, which is permanently attached to the floor or structure.

What are the benefits of choosing LS for my venue or facility?

Versatility, allowing for different seating arrangements, easy reconfiguration for various events, and the ability to create open and flexible spaces when seating is not required.

Can I customise the design and aesthetics of the seating?

Yes, the design and aesthetics can be customised to align with the venue’s overall style and branding. Customisation options may include upholstery materials, colours, patterns, seat finishes, and personalized embroidery or logos.

What type of venues or spaces are suitable for LS?

They are suitable for venues or spaces that require flexibility, such as multipurpose rooms, conference centers, event spaces, auditoriums with varying seating needs, or areas where frequent reconfiguration is desired.

Are there any specific safety features or standards that SIS Global Seating incorporates into their LS products?

SIS Global Seating incorporates specific safety features and adheres to industry standards in their LS products, including fire-resistant materials, durable construction, anti-panic mechanisms, ergonomic design for comfort, and compliance with relevant safety regulations and certifications.