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Retractable Structures

Retractable structure seating systems by SIS allow for maximum audience capacity for an economic and durable yet bespoke solution to any seating project.

What is a retractable structure and why is it beneficial?

A retractable structure for seating systems is designed to be folded away when it’s not in use. As the name suggests, it retracts to give venues extra space, making it an excellent solution for multi-purpose facilities. Retractable structures can also be referred to as bleacher or telescopic systems.

In terms of benefits, there are several upsides to Installing a Retractable Seating System. Some of these include:

  • Space-efficient storage when not in use
  • Allowing venues to have multiple uses for their space
  • Provides maximum audience capacity
  • Offers long-term comfort and excellent viewing options

Where can it be installed?

Retractable Seating Designs with either upholstered benches or individual fold-down chairs have been installed extensively in Schools, Colleges, Universities and Theatres. You can see some of our retractable seating platform systems in actions by checking out Our Case Studies Here.

Are there any extra features?

Seating units are manually operated but can be motorised for ease of operation. All of our retractable seating systems can be finished with a wide range of fabrics and carpets to meet the most demanding requirements. And, whilst the design of the seating system follows time-proven standards, the final solution is always manufactured to suit each specific project. Lastly, we also offer a huge range of After Sales Services to your mind at ease.

Specialists In Seating welcome client input into the seating solution. To give feedback or to ask any questions on retractable seating, feel free to Contact Us Here.