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Retractable Bench Seating

SIS Global Seating's retractable upholstered bench seating has been installed extensively into Schools, Colleges, Universities and Performing Arts Venues. View Our Case Studies to see our retractable bench systems in action!

What is retractable bench seating?

These seating systems combine retractable platforms with benches to provide an excellent communal seating solution for a wide variety of facilities. As the name suggests, the system can be retracted quickly in order to give venues extra space, making it an excellent solution for multi-purpose spaces. They can also be referred to as bleacher or telescopic systems, and come in two designs: upholstered or sports benches.

Are there benefits to having retractable benches?

There are several advantages to Installing a Retractable Bench Seating System, especially multi-function spaces such as gymnasiums or auditoriums. Some of these include:

  • Space-efficient storage when not in use
  • Allowing venues to have multiple uses for their space
  • Provides maximum audience capacity
  • Offers long-term comfort and excellent viewing options

Why Choose SIS?

The design of our seating system provides maximum seating capacity with an economic solution to seating projects.

Specialists in Seating's retractable platforms all have a powered option available for simpler operation. In addition, all seating systems come complete with a wide range of fabric and flooring choices. All of these have in-built durability to withstand the rigours of very demanding environments.


At SIS, we positively encourage client input and a collaborative approach to the final solution. It is this mutual awareness and understanding of venue requirements, plus our commitment to design excellence and innovation, that enables us to develop a final solution that delights every client's expectation. Thus, whilst the design of the seating system follows time-proven standards, we always manufacture our retractable bench seating to suit each specific project.

We welcome all client input into the seating solution. So, to give feedback or to ask any questions on retractable seating, feel free to Contact Us Here.