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Lecture Theatre Fixed Seating

Innovative Lecture Theatre Seating Solutions for Learning and Training Spaces

Our superb lecture theatre fixed seating is the ideal solution for educational settings such as schools, colleges and universities. Our goal is to transform your centre of education into the optimal setting for your students to learn in comfort as well as having practical means of working, studying, and taking exams. Fixed seating structures for your lecture hall or auditorium are custom designed and manufactured by SIS Global Seating to fit any venue and requirements. Our bespoke compositions function excellently in your teaching environment to ensure an aesthetically pleasing experience for all stakeholders.

We supply excellent lecture theatre seating systems to a series of top universities, colleges and schools in the UK and further afield.

Lecture Hall fixed Seating brings together the notions of practicality, education and charm to your centre for learning. Our permanent tiered structures can be fitted with a large range of seating designs to suit the environment or audience you’re working with while offering a great view of a screen or principal speaker. Firstly, your choice of seating can be between chairs or benches as well as our adaptive, Collaborative Bench Seating for group focused work. Beyond this, you’ll find an endless supply of possibilities for colour, design, material as well as our amazing turn and learning seating. The excellent Turn & Learn Seating arrangement offers the best of both worlds for individual learning or collaborative work.


What are the benefits of having a Lecture Theatre Seating Structure?

Firstly, as with all our products, you’ll find that we offer unrivalled durability and quality architecture for your education centre. From our record of fantastic case studies, you’ll see there’s a range of great examples for our lecture hall designs such as the Diamond at the University of Sheffield as well as an accomplished history of servicing to ensure a constant smooth running.

Other benefits of lecture hall seating structures include:

  • Optimised views for all students to read from boards or screens
  • Comfort for long talks or classes
  • Easy access when transferring groups
  • Robust design for long term peace of mind
  • Pleasing arrangement and composition that attracts students on open days
  • Calming environment for study

Why Choose SIS Global Seating For Your Solutions?

After choosing a lecture theatre seating system from SIS Global Seating you’ll be treated with dependable world-class service from inception to completion designed to perfectly suit your requirements. With over 25 Years of experience in the industry, you can be assured that your seating solution will be manufactured and designed to the highest quality following exacting international standards with careful consideration to detail. Our commitment and mission are to provide optimal project solutions with the best and most attentive service in the industry.

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