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Auditorium & Theatre Fixed Bench Seating

Adaptable fixed bench seating is a bespoke option that’s designed around the specific needs of auditorium seating, theatres, as well as many other venues and facilities. It is a fixed seating system that offers a range of standard features plus a number of installation methods, style and design options. View our Case Studies Here to see our solutions in action for yourself!

What is Fixed Bench Seating for Auditoriums & Theatres?

Fixed Bench Seating has long been a major player when it comes to auditorium and theatre design. It is an adaptive chair solution that remains fixed in place and aims to maximise audience capacity. It does this by embracing communal seating ideas. The system includes backrests but usually foregoes armrests and individual seats (hence the ‘bench seating’ namesake). 

As a result, this solution is highly flexible and can suit the shape and size of almost any auditorium, theatre, or venue. Fixed Bench Seating with Tables can also be installed to accommodate collaborative work. Thus, fixed bench seating can be used in a variety of other facilities and sectors, such as:


What are the benefits of Fixed Bench Seating?

This seating solution offers venues of any capacity with several features and benefits. These include:

  • Optimised and elevated views for all spectators
  • Comfort for long classes, lectures, or performances
  • Easy access in and out of your facility
  • Robust design for long term peace of mind
  • A flexible, pleasing arrangement and composition
  • Calming environment for students and audience members
  • A space that encourages open discussion and collaboration (ideal for interactive lectures and performances)

Why Choose SIS?

For over a quarter of a century, Specialists In Seating have been at the forefront of fixed bench seating design. But, with SIS, you get so much more than experience and impeccable build quality. Our Installation Resources, as well as our Servicing Options, ensure you receive a unique, personal seating solution that is as durable as it is high-quality. It means that your fixed bench seating is always in safe hands!

So, you can browse our products above for more information, or Contact Us Here for any help or advice!